Add a Favicon to your Website

A favicon  (short for Favorites icon) or a shortcut icon is a small icon that represents your webpage in a browsers toolbar. The small 16×16 pixel icon is used to distinguish pages in the toolbar without having to open up the page. Website designer can create these images and install it into a Web site. All websites should have a favicon, and if your website doesn’t, it’s time to call up your web designer. If you built your site yourself, and want to know how to add one, I can recommend this website , its very simple to add. Once you’re done creating your favicon for your website, download it to your computer, and add it to your websites root directory under the name favicon.ico . Note – it must be spelled exactly this way, no capitals, and must be in the root directory. Once this is done, refresh your page, and voila, you should have a favicon!







Still not sure what a favicon is? Take a look at some of the screen shots from my browser Firefox.



How many of these do you recognize? These are all website favicons.

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