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31 Aug

Coolest Jquery image slider plugins

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1. FlexSlider ( Demo | Download ) FlexSlider is an amazing, totally responsive jQuery slider plugin. It bears uncomplicated, semantic markup, slide and fade animations, and is supported in all major browsers, therefore you won’t have any compatibility issues. Flexslider is built … Continue reading

22 Aug

Price your Services with MyPrice

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How do you know what to charge for your services. If you charge too much, you will loose clients, but charge to little and you will get a reputation for a cheep practices, or people who doubt your ability due to your … Continue reading

11 Aug

Why Flash Only Websites are a Bad Idea

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Flash websites… you know the type. They’re the ones where pages blip and fly across the screen, music blares from your PC speakers and type is so small you would need to be bit-sized to read it. These days, designers are everywhere … Continue reading


Back your WordPress site up to Dropbox

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Do you lie awake at night wondering what would happen if you lost your entire website?  What if a hacker or malicious virus caused your website to crash? Rather than waist unreasonable amounts of time and money, don’t you think you would … Continue reading

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