A Content Management System or CMS is simply described as software that will allow you to edit your web site’s words and pictures.  A great content management system, allows you to do that without knowing any HTML or other “geeky stuff”.

Just Click Web Design offers web based content management system which means that you can edit your site over the internet from virtually any computer without needing to buy or install any software. You only need your favorite free web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. We offer CMS in WordPress (our favorite), Joomla, and Drupal.

Why you need a Content Management System…

Some clients who don’t intend updating their own website ask us “Why do I need a Content Management System when you are going to change it for me?” The simple answer to this is that using a content management system to edit a website is quicker for anyone who uses it, so you’ll save money even if we are doing it for you. And having a content management system gives you the choice to DIY when and if you feel like it in the future.


Why Your Business or Organization Would Benefit From Our CMS

CMS Built for the Canadian Market

There are many great CMS’s on the market but very few have been built specifically for the unique needs of North Americian businesses. At every stage our CMS has been developed to power Canadian websites: Canadian postcodes, HST Calculations, integrations with the Canadian Dollar and much more. We look upon our CMS as world class technology designed specifically for the Australian market. The content management system is custom coded by our web design team from our headquarters in Huntsville, Ontario.

Fully Supported Content Management System

Every day our sales team gets calls from businesses frustrated that the ‘free’ CMS they are using isn’t properly supported. There is nothing worse than reading through dozens of forums and FAQ sections without finding an answer to a question, or trying to liaise with support teams in a different time zone. Our CMS is fully-supported via phone, live chat and email. We are happy to help!

Proprietary CMS

Our multiple CMS systems are all maintained by us. The advantages of this are many, and include the fact we have a vested interest in continuing to invest in the system. Our Team of programmers spend their entire working time devoted to maintaining and improving our CMS. This means that the technology underpinning your website will not become obsolete over the years.

An Easy to Use CMS

With a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and a highly intuitive interface, our CMS is incredibly easy to use. Whether you are making text changes, creating new pages or adding products to your store, you only need basic computer skills to effectively maintain your website.

Search Engine Friendly CMS

We pride ourselves on the fact all of our CMS websites are completely Search Engine Friendly.  You can read more about the Search Engine optimization here. Such backend stenghth in the search engine optimisation of our system is one reason that many Canadian businesses have shifted to CMS for no other purpose than to improve their current rankings in Google.

Constantly Updated Websites

Web technology changes at a fast rate. We maintain and update our CMS regularly to ensure our customer’s websites are powered by up-to-date technology. With a highly skilled in-house team that focuses on website designs for Huntsville, Muskoka, the GTA, and all across Canada we make minor patches to our CMS on an almost weekly basis. Our team makes major upgrades to the system every 2-3 months.