Holiday Housing Rentals is our latest project. Started in June of 2014, Holiday Housing Rentals was completed at the end of September 2014, and was launched later that year. This website hold a very special spot in our hearts, as it is owned and operated by Just Click Web Design owner, Andrew Just.

Holiday Housing Rentals is an online cottage rental directory focusing on providing discount cottage rentals to Muskoka and the surrounding area. The website targets both cottage owners, and individuals looking to rent cottages, hoping to link the two together.

Perhaps one of the best parts about Holiday Housing Rentals is, for 2015 all listings are free! Cottage owners can list their cottage on Holiday Housing Rentals at no charge, but only for this year. Take a look at Holiday Housing Rentals here:

Holiday Housing Rentals - Muskoka Rentals Cottages

Founded in 2013, Holiday Housing Rentals was developed to provide affordable, easy to use cottage listings in Muskoka and the surrounding area. Our award-winning website targets cottages in the Muskoka area only, providing better results for customers, strong exposure, and greater overall success with rentals. Our strategic approach is simple. We allow only fairly priced and welcoming listings on our site. As a result, we have found customers continuously come back to our site, time and time again.

Holiday Housing Rentals stands out from the crowd in one unique way. Unlike other cottage rental sites, our listings are free. That’s right, you can list your cottage for absolutely no charge. No credit card required, no contract, no hidden fees, nothing. We are a cottaging family too, and firmly believe that there are much better ways to spend your money in Muskoka than online listings. If you are really in a crunch to rent your cottage, you can boost your listing by upgrading to a premium listing, which is a very common amongst those ‘last minute’ customers of ours.

Our Story

The idea for developing a rental website was first brought to light in 2008, when founder Andrew Just realized there must be an easier, more targeted way for cottage owners in Muskoka to list their place. Fast-forward five years, and on March 1st, 2013, Holiday Housing Rentals was born. Over the next 12 months, the site would be designed and developed in Andrew’s dorm room at McGill University. Working well into the early hours of the morning, the site was slowly pieced together month by month. Finally, in late 2014, Holiday Housing Rentals was completed, and is now services the greater Muskoka area.