BEAM (Broadband for E-Business and Marketing) Program from Muskoka Community



Many Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) understand the importance of E-Business, yet may require assistance with acquiring the knowledge required for implementation of these tools. As a result, MCN is offering the BEAM program to assist SMEs with e-business adoption.


MCN recognizes that the need for E-Business investment does not end once a web site is developed. We have adapted the BEAM Program so that SMEs in Muskoka can continue to grow their E-Business strategies.


Muskoka Community Network (MCN) will assist SME’s with the transitioning to E-Business and implementing E-Business tools by either establishing your business on the web or by adding E-Business tools to your current website. MCN will provide a financial contribution to implement E-Business tools.


BEAM is a program that assists SME’s to adopt and adapt to E-Business by defining goals and measuring outcomes of E-Business implementation, and metrics to measure the success of deliverables in an easily understandable fashion.


BEAM is designed to assist SME’s so that they can easily manage implementing E-Business technology into their business, while leaving the technical development to their chosen developer.



Supported costs include the design, development, and implementation costs of a BEAM component.  Development costs are eligible, and on-going costs are not deemed eligible.  Receipts for eligible expenses must be provided for a claim to be processed.  This program is available for a limited time and you may apply for assistance while funds last. 

Information for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Interested in taking the first steps towards E-Business but not sure where to begin? MCN’s BEAM program is a great place to start.


High-speed internet access allows SME’s to engage in today’s digital economy. However, more than a broadband connection is required to be fully involved in E-Business. Most SME’s today can benefit from many of the digital tools and techniques that are available to conduct business in the online world. These digital tools are more involved than having a website or using e-mail. Online E-Business tools include components such as E-commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product fulfillment, Business to Business (B2B) Transactions, and Analytics.

MCN works with SME’s to provide assistance for implementing E-Business tools and techniques. Many SME’s understand the importance of E-Business and still require assistance with the knowledge required for implementation.





  • Businesses operating on a full-time basis, with a valid BIN number, are eligible.
  • Seasonal businesses, such as tourism operations, are also considered eligible.
  • Non-profit organizations may also apply for assistance.
  • For the purposes of this program, contributions will only be provided to qualifying SME’s within Northern Ontario.
  • Recipients are limited to one contribution per organization.


Application Form

Due to a large number of recently submitted BEAM applications, we are currently experiencing a backlog of files and our processing time has increased. Thank you for your patience.

Download the Application Form or complete the online application.