Nexus Q launch posponed to ‘make it better’

The $300 gadget, designed and built by Google in the USA can be plugged into a stereo / television and play music, movies and more.  Many people frown on the products price and the fact it relied on a connection to at least one other Android-based devices to be of use.

Apparently the Google built gadget isn’t quite ready to be hitting store shelves – at least that is what Google tells us. The multi-Billion dollar company  has apologized to all customers who pre-ordered the device, and notified them that the delay is to “work on making it even better.” The company adds that it’s responding to user feedback from previewers who want it to “do even more than it does today.” To show that there are no hard feelings, the company will be “extending the Nexus Q preview to our pre-order customers and sending them a free device,” according to Google.  No word on when the device will begin shipping, but google promises it will be here shortly.


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One Response to Nexus Q launch posponed to ‘make it better’

  1. Emily says:

    I’m glad I didn’t pre-order it!