Website Design & Development

Our creative team skillfully crafts all of our web designs. This is done after careful consultation with the client so we understand their business strategy and objectives. We believe a website should be a true reflection of the company brand and we will work hard to achieve this.

Once the client has approved the design, our technical team will make it come alive using the latest web technologies. All of our websites are developed to the latest web standards, and tested across all modern browsers to ensure it works well and looks nice.

Website Content Management

Website Content Management Systems (CMS) allow clients with little or no IT knowledge to build and maintain their website. This empowers the client to update news, services or upload photos. We are happy to consult with the client and recommend a suitable CMS for their needs.

We have experience developing websites using popular CMS software such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. We also offer a full consultation on structuring the website content and training on the chosen CMS.

We strongly believe that a CMS should be used as an enhancement to a website but not an excuse for us not to do our job properly. Content is key, therefore we support our clients as they plan and upload their content.

Mobile Website Development

Mobile Internet is no longer reserved for top of the range smart phones. A huge advance in mobile phone technology has meant there is little difference between the “real” Internet and mobile Internet. The obvious comparison is that mobile users will be viewing the website on a much smaller screen.

We realise the importance of developing for mobile so the website visitors are getting the best user experience for their device. We will optimise a website for mobile devices and where appropriate advise on creating a separate mobile version. We also build mobile websites from scratch.

eCommerce Websites

Selling online can be a great opportunity for any business if done properly. Using tried and tested platforms such as Magento we develop ecommerce websites that make managing stock a breeze while still being super user friendly for your customers.

We help our clients upload their products and prepare them for processing the crucial orders from their customers. We also will advise on using pay per click services such as Google Ad Words to drive traffic to your website.

WordPress Development

We love working with WordPress and have found great success in delivering projects on this platform. Its easy to use interface makes it a dream for clients to manage their content efficiently.

We are experts at using WordPress “plug ins” to offer clients bespoke functionality for their website. We can recommend existing “plug ins” or develop new ones from scratch to suit requirements.

Branding for Business Start Ups

We love working with business start-ups and enjoy the challenge of creating a unique brand identity for new ventures. Although it is important, we understand that a brand is much more that just a great looking logo. We will work closely with the client to create a brand, which is fitting for the business purpose while being memorable and striking to potential clients and customers.

We also design and print letterheads, compliments slips, business cards and invoices to show off your new brand. As part of the service we will offer consultation on how your brand should be used to remain consistent and professional.


Whether it’s just a refresh or a total revamp we offer our services to help clients recreate their brand. We will advise the client what’s best to move their business forward and strategically plan to avoid the all to common mistakes.

We also design and print letterheads, compliments slips, business cards and invoices to show off your new brand. As part of the service we will offer consultation on how your brand should be used to remain consistent and professional.

Search Engine Optimisation

What advantage is it to the client having a great website but nobody can find it? We believe that search engine optimisation (SEO) is an integral part of making a website project successful. We offer our expertise and guidance on any website project we take on regardless of the cost.

A lot of “cheap” websites will not be considered for SEO, which makes them very difficult for visitors to find organically (using search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing). We help our clients to boost SEO on their website over time and stay ahead of their competitors in the all important search engine rankings.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great and relatively cheap form of advertising but implementing an email marketing campaign takes a huge range of creative, technical and strategic marketing skills. We provide clients with the service needed to ensure their marketing objectives are achieved.

Using email marketing software such as Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor we help our clients define an email strategy, build beautiful email templates, project manage the implementation of advanced emailing techniques and provide on-going analysis of their email campaigns.


Social Media

We know how to make social media work for your business, significantly increasing traffic to your website and interest in your brand. Utilising social media is much easier than many people think; it takes some strategic effort and planning, but once in place is a great asset.

We assess our clients needs, outline opportunities and prescribe specific actions for long-term social media success.