Why Flash Only Websites are a Bad Idea

Flash websites… you know the type. They’re the ones where pages blip and fly across the screen, music blares from your PC speakers and type is so small you would need to be bit-sized to read it. These days, designers are everywhere trying to convince clients and firms alike, that Flash gives them more options and allows them to express themselves more creatively.

I’m a big fan of Flash and it has many uses .. one of them though, is NOT to create an entire website with it

My top four reasons for not creating a Flash only website:

  1. Limited to no search engine visibility.
  2. Harder to update because you have to crack open Flash source files.
  3. Harder to find Flash developers/designers than it is HTML/CSS nerds.
  4. Apple’s iPhone and iPad can’t see Flash.

Learn from the past …

Back in the 1990’s, Flash only websites became a big thing for a while … then people realized that it was a bad idea, and the Web returned to traditional HTML and CSS based web sites. Let’s not make the same mistake.

Attack of the KILLER APPLE

Another fact that should make you reconsider Flash only sites, is that Apple is now in open warfare against Flash, where they will not let Flash work on the very popular iPhone and iPad. That means that a Flash only website cannot be seen by millions of iPhone users.

Flash should only be used for:

  1. Application development.
  2. Only in parts of your HTML web sites – to do things like play video, audio or some other multimedia use.


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